Our Staff and Mission


Mission Statement

Journey Seventh-Day Adventist Church began as Glendora Seventh-Day Adventist Church many years ago. This little church on a hill has seen many generations grow, has had many missions, and has changed much with the decades.

In this new millennium, the world is new but people are the same. We long for connection, for community, for belonging.

At Journey SDA, we offer a place to belong, regardless of your past, present, creed, or identity. We strive to be a community of love and tolerance.

At Journey, we celebrate together. We mourn together. We struggle and grow together.


Christ has called us to create community, to fellowship with one another and with the communities around us. Through our belief in Jesus Christ, we seek to create belonging that leads to a desire to love the world around us, to be Christ’s love to our communities.

Join us as we enact Christ’s radical love in our communities.

Jonathan Serrano

Jonathan Serrano

Head Elder & Administrator